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The Problem: Inappropriate

Has this ever happened to you? You are visiting a friend or relative and your little boy dog loves to visit as well so you take him along. While enjoying your visit your little boy dog gets excited and secretly, or not so secretly, finds a spot where he can mark his new territory. Even though you know that this behavior is normal for a male dog, neutered or not, it is still embarrassing and a problem you would like to solve.

Our Solution:
the UDogU WizWrap

The UDogU WizWrap is made of a double layer of fleece material that is soft and just stretchy enough to ensure a comfortably snug fit. Hook and loop strips provide for both adjustment and a secure fit. The WizWrap is designed to hold an absorbent replaceable pad to collect your dog's liquid "output".

A replaceable adhesive backed "bladder control pad" is adhered to the inside surface of the WizWrap. Position the WizWrap under your dog so that his "wizzer" is on the pad, fold the WizWrap over your dog's back, and overlap onto the hook and loop strips. To ensure best fit, stretch the fleece slightly as you overlap onto the hook and loop strips.

The WizWrap is offered in 5 sizes. Measure your dog around the abdomen, in front of his rear legs, to choose the proper size.

The size of "bladder control pad" that you will use will vary by the size of the dog. The "liner" size is suitable for the Tiny Teacup and Teacup size dogs. The "light" size is typically used for the remaining larger sizes; however, the next larger size can also be used in the case of higher volumes.

Your first collection pad is included with your purchase.

Purchase Your WizWrap

The proper size for your dog is determined by measuring his abdomen, in front of his rear legs.

Click here to purchase.

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"Chester wants to thank you. We bought him one of the wiz wraps in Columbus Ga this fall. It has allowed him to be in the house without someone with him at all times. He spent his first 7 years, after we found him at a dump, at night in his kennel. Now he can spend it on a bed in the den with his sister Maggie. And also spend more time during the day in the house." - R.

The Alternative

You may have heard of the "belly band", a device that fastens around a male dog's abdominal area, just ahead of his rear legs, and catches the urine when he marks. The WizWrap is applied to the dog in a similar fashion; however, the similarity ends there.

The "old fashion" belly band is often made from a material that is coarse and scratchy, and the "fabric" that collects the urine creates a messy and smelly belly band that is now ready for the laundry.

The UDogU WizWrap, on the other hand, is made of 2 layers of "non-pilling" fleece that can be machine washed and dried, with a disposable collection pad inside. The WizWrap stays dry and comfortable, with hook and loop closures to ensure a snug fit.

Using the WizWrap for Training

We have had more than one male dog that would inappropriately mark, whether at home or while visiting a friend, and we know how frustrating it can be. Some people believe that a more rigorous training program will solve the problem; however, a dog's instinctual tendency to mark his territory is likely to override any training to the contrary.

Still, many customers have found the UDogU WizWrap to be a useful aid in "house training" a male puppy. House training any puppy, male or female, requires patience on the part of the owner and consistency in developing an acceptable pattern of behavior. The training process usually involves an occasional "oops" on the carpet ... this is where the WizWrap can be useful, at least for the male puppies. The WizWrap will catch the "mistake" and, with some puppies, may even act as a reminder not to pee where he shouldn't.

We know of several adult dogs who have learned not to mark while wearing the WizWrap. However, if he does, the urine is collected in the pad, without soiling the WizWrap. Your embarrassment is now transformed to amusement.

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