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The most common command given to dogs among virtually all dog owners is the command to "come" to you when called (technically referred to as "recalling" your dog). It is without doubt one of the most important commands to teach your dog because it is used not only during playtime but can also be used to call your dog away from a dangerous situation.

The "old school" method of teaching your dog to come to you when called involved standing in front of the dog, perhaps leaning forward a bit, and saying "come" in a firm, somewhat stern tone. The dog is, of course, rewarded with praise and/or a treat upon compliance with the command.

Modern trainers believe that this method takes much of the "fun" out of training and gives the dog little incentive to comply should there be exciting distractions nearby, such as a squirrel, bunny or another dog.

The "new school" method of training focuses on making your dog "want" to come to you regardless of any distractions that may be present. To achieve this level of success with your dog requires making it more fun than whatever else may be happening in the area. Care should be taken to avoid any negative association with the word "come". If the word come is or has been use to recall your dog when they have done something wrong you will want to consider using a different word that has no negative association with it. Some trainers have used such word cues as "let's go" or "let's play". Whatever word cue you decide upon remember to keep it fun for your dog so that your dog's response will be reliable under any circumstances.

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