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When we updated our shopping cart in June of 2017, all of the product IDs changed, and the connections to old customer reviews were lost. So ALL of our previous product reviews are listed here instead.

Customers often use our Contact Us page to send their thoughts about our products, or they include comments when they place orders. We list these on our yearly Testimonials pages. And we'd love to hear from you as well!

01/30/2017 - Suzanne
I love <3 the ruffel harness. Its so easy to put on.It fits like it was personally made for my 8 lb. yorkie. I just took her photo and I'm trying to send it. Shes a great model. I also have a harness without the ruffel to put over a sweater. Some sweaters do not have the opening for a harness D ring to come through. This is what you clip the leash to for walking the dog. I adjust the harness a bit bigger and place it over the coat or swearer. Vola, <3 <3
12/29/2016 - Ethel
I purchased one of these about 5 years ago at a street celebration in Macon GA. I'm from Nebraska and haven't seen anything like this around here. Was so glad when I found this site. The ruffle harness I have has had lots of use and washes well. My baby is short legged and the typical pet shop harnesses allow her legs to slip out. This one does not. Am ordering at least 1 more. Really like this harness. It's easy to put on, wares well. Well worth the money.
07/27/2016 - Cathy
I have purchased several harness sets for my Yorkies and now my mini dachshund. They are GREAT. I also purchased a ruffled harness set for a friend with a female medium dog and they love it. Highly recommend these to every dog owner. Even trained my cat to wear one since she's an indoor cat and loves to go out for walks or lounge in the sun.
01/24/2016 - Dottie
Been buying these harness for over fifth teen years now. I love them and they last for several years as well. Made to last throw in the wash as well. Easy on and easy off, never had one to break. Love these worth every penny. I get loads of complements on them all the time. I will only buy these so thank you and keep making great product. Hey and it is made in the USA. LOL Dottie In Pigeon Forge
04/18/2015 - Connie
Just received the easy on harnesses for my babies. Absolutely love them. They are 10 week old toy poodles and I could not find a harness that fit them and was easy to put on. These are perfect. I love that the closure mechanism is large enough to handle as I have arthritis in my hands. Will definitely be back to buy more as they grow. Thank you for a great product.
04/04/2015 - Virginia
I love these harnesses, they are the best!! I bought the first one in Ocean City, MD at there annual Sunfest, 5 years ago, and I have referred many people to this site. They wash up great and her original one is still in great shape. my Marty girl got sprayed last summer by a skunk, and I washed, soaked and did everything I knew to do to get the smell out, but it was still there, BUT the color on the fabric was still quite vibrant. It was the stars and stripes ruffle harness. So the quality of the fabric these folks use is outstanding! I'm so glad I found these harnesses!!
02/23/2015 - Robin
I love these hats. The brim protects from the sun, and my Marlin looks very handsome wearing it.
10/03/2014 - Joyce
This is my 3rd harness for my Yorkshire Terrier and I won't put any other harness on her! They are soft and she wears it day and night. After her bath I say come put your shirt on and she puts it right on! I am a dog trainer/sitter and I tell all of my clients about UdogU!
07/07/2014 - Cara
Acethewonderdog has several UdogU harness sets, and he always gets compliments about them. I have just ordered a replacement Stars and Stripes set because we have worn the first one out. I like these sets because they are adjustable, washable, and durable, as well as stylish. Ace and I are two loyal customers! ~ Ace's Mother.
06/05/2014 - Lisa
Hi Y'all!! I've been a loyal customer of the wonderful harness made by UDogU. My Sophie, a teacup plus rescue poodle has become such a princess in her beautiful harnesses, people stop us just to compliment her on how wonderful and comfortable she looks. She has so many already, but every time we see our friends at a show, we just can't resist buying her another harness. The last one I bought her- pink polka dots with the ruffle(of course), is so pretty. Don't buy any imitations- UDogU has the best quality products!!! Can't wait to buy her another!!! Love you guys!!!
04/20/2014 - Joy
I have been buying these harnesses and other items for a number of years. I bought them at craft shows for my previous dog, Miss Molly, who always pranced around looking so cute. Now we have two pekes, Ollie & Buffy, and they each have most of the patterns and I am very happy with the outfits from udogu and will not buy from any other vendor. Our two look so cute and everyone admires their outfits. Udogu is a great company and our thanks to Bill & Sherry.
12/12/2013 - Karla
Happy Holidays! Daisy, our Beagle mix rescue dog, received her Candy Cane Ruffle Harness and leash today! She looks adorable in it and is all set to celebrate the holidays with family and dog friends. I have purchased your Ruffle Harness in the past for Mia, our Toy Fox Terrier dog rescue, (who is modeling on your site the polka dot ruffle harness), so there were no surprises when Daisy's harness arrived and it was as cute as I expected. I love your product and always get compliments when the dogs are wearing their Ruffle Harness. Easy to put on and easy to keep clean, love it!! Keep up the good work!! Karla, Daisy, and Mia
10/31/2013 - Debbi
I just Love these harnesses. I have been buying them from U-Dog-U for several years now for all my Maltese. I must have every one of the color patterns that they've had for the past 6-7 years. They are so easy to put on the dogs and completely adjustable, and the best part they Wash beautifully in a laundry bag and I hang to dry or just set them in the sun to dry. I am so excited when they get new colors and patterns in and they are so well made and perfect for walking my girls as they don't put any undue pressure on my babies necks + they can't slip them off which keeps them safe during our walks... and also don't forget the matching leash.. I also am in a Maltese Rescue so I always have a few extras for my fosters to wear on their walks too. Well worth the money, Top Quality, and Great people to work with also. You must give them a try!!! EXCELLENT ITEMS. Many thanks going out to the owners of U-Dog-U !!!! Thanks again, Debbi
06/08/2013 - Bonnie
Love the harness and leash. So, so cute. Very easy on and off for 4month old puppy. Are u coming to Maine this summer? Do u take Debit card? Thanks! Bonnie
10/01/2012 - Nancy
I purchased a harness for my Maltese/Poodle at the Sunfest in Ocean City, MD recently. It fits Sophie so well, is easy to put on and take off, and just looks adorable on her. I will be back for more...she will need a red one for the Christmas season! Many thanks for a wonderful product.
10/11/2011 - Claudia
I just LOVE!!! the Ruffle Harness. I bought one about two months ago for my 7 pound Yorkie and is amazing. I hand washed it many times already and it looks like new. My dog loves it, and is perfec, safe and very confortable. I have two more dogs and I wish you had pretty dresses for them, I have a 3 pound Maltese and a 9 pound Shih tzu...all girls. I like dresses for the 3 pound a hair bows for the 9 pound. I would love to match them with your fabrics is is possible? If I find a fabric I like, would you use it to make the harness for me? Thank you so much!! Claudia
05/12/2011 - Gayle
Since 2009 I have purchased all of my dogs harnesses, leashes and visors from Bill and Sherry and to date have never encountered any problem. They take pride in each and every item which are always sewn to perfection. Since my dog is part of a very large distinguished dining out group here in So. Fl. where we 2 legged animals accompany our 4 legged animals to eating establishments with outdoor dining, U Dog U fashion has made a big hit with other dog owners when they see how beautiful and stylish the accessories worn by my dog are There are now other fur babies in the group who now are part of the U Dog U family with their own harnesses and leashes. Whatever Bill and Sherry make for a male dog is worn by mine, and not one dog owner in our group whose dog is wearing a U Dog U creation has ever voiced discontent with the product. I personally cannot wait for more male fabrics to appear, as our beloved fur babies can never have enough U Dog U harness, leashes and all the other products so lovingly made.
05/12/2011 - Gayle
I just received the harness and adjustable leash that I ordered for my Yorkie and I just love it!! It's sooooo adorable! I chose the Star Brite pattern and I have to say the photo does not do it justice. The color is vibrant and very, very pretty. I ordered the Toy Plus and it's a perfect fit. The Toy size was always just a tiny bit tight and the Small too large. The harness is soft and very well made. There are no rough edges which is terrific as Buffy has very sensitive skin. Thank you soooo much for making such a wonderful product!
04/16/2011 - Elaine
These are the best harnesses - I purchased 4 today for my \"girls\" and they look so adorable with their ruffles-easy on, easy off - and no restrictions to their throats or underarms. I recommend these to everyone....
02/24/2011 - Odette
I love your harnesses! I bought one for our Rat Terrier at the 2008 Occoquan Va Fall Craft Show and I am finally now replacing it. I have been very pleased with the quality and the fabric that her collar was made of. She likes to chew on it when I take it off and it has with stood her doing that for almost three years. The fabric still looks like new on most of the harness but one area it is finally separating so I thought I would get her and our Min Pin new ones. I have tried other harnesses but have found that they are not as easy to get on and off as this is and most other harnesses are stiff not like this one. I really like that you do not have any material going through the front legs so no hair getting rubbed away. I cannot say enough good things about this harness. I spent about two hours online last night trying to find this website and I was thrilled when I finally did. Please never stop making these harnesses! I am a fan forever!!
11/22/2010 - Karen
I met Sherry & Bill at the Christmas Made in the South show at the Savannah Convention Center 2 years ago when I bought my beloved Pepper's harness and cap. All of their products were well made besides being unique. I will just give a little background about my little "buddy" Pepper. He is an 11 year old toy poodle who has the sweetest disposition. He is getting on in years and recently the doctors have discovered that his heart murmur that he has had since he was a pup has gotten progressively worse. The doctor needed to put him on Lasix besides his heart pills to help clear his lungs of excess fluid. Well, needless to say, Pepper has trouble controlling his bladder so we had several "accidents" around the house including his bed. Now as most of you know, animals will not wet where they sleep so, I knew this was a big problem. I went to Petsmart to purchase the doggie diapers and wraps that they make for male dogs with "territorial" issues or incontinence. I bought the diapers and wraps (in 2 different sizes) and nothing was ideal. The diapers did not fit properly and moved all time so they leaked. The wraps were very stiff and Pepper seemed to be very uncomfortable with them on. I finally used the diapers, but put them on as a "wrap" using duct tape to hold it in place. Pepper didn't seem to mind this that much, but it became very expensive. This is where Bill & Sherry saved me. When I visited their booth at the fair this year, I noticed they had wraps for dogs with incontinent issues. Bill explained that he has a 4 year old dog who has "territorial" issues and they created this to prevent their dog from making his "mark" all over their home. The wrap is made from a very soft fleece and has velcro to hold it in place. On the inside you place a bladder control pad (purchased at Walmart for $4.00 for a pack of 20) and then wrap it around the dog. It is also adjustable. I purchased the toy wrap for Pepper and placed it on him when I got home. I want to say that this product is awesome and is a life saver! Pepper does not mind wearing it at all. He is able to run, jump and move around with ease. There has been no evidence of any leakage and it stays in place. As a matter of fact, I am ordering another one so I can have a spare. Thank you Bill & Sherry for inventing such an ideal product!
11/16/2010 - Terry
Got my Candy Cane Ruffle Harnesses today and they are absolutely darling. I can hardly wait until December 1st to start using them. Many thanks to Bill & Sherry for making my little girls look so fashionable!
05/31/2010 - Karla
Just wanted to let you know that Mia our toy Fox Terrier loves her new outfit that we purchased at the Blue Crab festival in Palatka. With the bright colors and little ruffle skirt at the bottom of the harness there is no mistaking that she is a \"girly\" girl. The quality, workmanship, fit and style are what made us buy from UDOGU . The other dog outfit vendors at the festival did not even come close to matching your well made product. If Mia is happy then everybody else is happy in our family. Thanks again. Karla
05/16/2010 - Jeannie
We purchased matching harnesses for our chihuahuas at a show in Fernandina Beach. We thought they would be a cute novelty! However, we have found them to be incredibly easy to use, durable and good for them (as they avoid stress on the trachea - both of my babies have problems with colapsing tracheas). I'll be back for more! Thanks for a great product.
04/19/2010 - Sherri
I have a Pomeranian and was unable to find any type of collar other than regular neck collars in any of the local retail stores. I found the udogu website and took a chance and ordered a dog harness. It was absolutely perfect - well constructed, and fit like a dream. I just ordered my 3rd one (my puppy outgrew the first and chewed up the second), and splurged this time and got a matching leash. Thank you for offering a unique product that suits your customers so well!
02/13/2010 - Holly
I had a problem with an order awhile back. I really appreciated the way you went to all lengths to correct the situation! The toy harness is just perfect for my spoiled mini schnauzer. I especially love the brighter, more girly colors - so keep them coming! You are a quality company, with a quality product. A rare find today!
02/02/2010 - Janice
I purchase a hat for my poodle puppy (not with me) at the Yellow Daisy Festival about two years ago. Bill and everyone was so helpful, knowing what size Jackson would wear. I contacted him a year later and after giving Jackson weight, he know exactly what size he needed. Well, let me tell you, Jackson, with his personality, really likes these hats and they are the ONLY HAT I HAVE FOUND THAT STAY ON - ALL THE TIME. Jackson knows when I put his hat on, we are ready to GO. I really like the quality and fitness of these and would recommend buying them. Even if your puppy doesn't like wearing hats that much, these stay on so good, the puppy can't get them off. Try it.
10/25/2009 - Pat
In the past, I have bought several of the Dooty Duffels for my own dog as well as gifts for others. They were made well and lasted for quite a while. Recently, I bought one that was constructed a little differently (elastic opening in 1 end instead of both ends) and it fell apart the first time I used it. Poor construction.
Note from UDogU Owners Bill and Sherry Merrill: We're so sorry this customer did not respond to our offer to replace the malfunctioning product, all at our expense. Especially since she was so pleased with UDogU products in the past. We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and customer service.
09/12/2008 - Scarlett
Your harness is the best I have found for my yorkie. I love the matching leash. So far I have bought three sets and plan to get more.
08/28/2008 - Robin
All of the products I have received from UDogU have been well made and just darling. I've given many away as gifts for my dog-loving friends who are hard to buy for because they have everything already! The dootyduffel is a great idea, and the harness is the best I have seen.
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