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Sherry & Bill with poodles Chienne & Giselle
Giselle at 12 with Gabriella at 1

On July 11, 2013 Giselle, our beloved Miniature Poodle passed on to be with her loving Creator. She was very frail, at nearly 17 years of age, and her body was keeping her from being the free spirit that she has always been. She went peacefully at the home she loved and in the presence of her other pack members, Tiffany (Yorkie), Dalila (Hairless Chinese Crested) and Gabriella (Mini-Poodle).

Giselle at 5 months
kissing daddy at 4 months

Giselle was born on August 14, 1996 and she joined the UdogU family at the age of 9 weeks. She teamed up with Cushla McCree (Shetland Sheep Dog) and Chienne Noire (Miniature Poodle) to model our dog fashions at the craft shows where we exhibit.

Giselle, Cushla McCree, Chienne Noire
Giselle at 10 months

Early in her life Giselle showed a flair for the theatrical. She loved to jump and run, and when we held a hoop in front of her, she knew instantly what to do. She would jump back and forth through the hoop with such ease and precision that we gave her the nickname "the Great Zelle-beenie" and wondered if she was imagining herself performing for a crowd at the circus. We could see a smile on her face as she demonstrated her great feats of agility.

watch the great "flying" Zelle-Beenie in action!

taking off
clearing the golden hoop
return flight, gee this is fun!
Giselle learning not to bite

Typically, puppies are very active, displaying lots of energy and Giselle was no exception. However, her "puppy" level of energy continued for about 4 years as she grew to adulthood, a 20 lb. inky black gorgeous Mini-Poodle. We described her energy level as a wild enthusiasm for life. By way of an example, please imagine me with a 15' leash and standing in the center of my yard with Giselle running at a full gallop in a circle around me. This black beauty ran with the grace of a wild stallion and you couldn't help but see how thrilled and delighted she was simply to be alive.

in Bill's arms
Bill and his buddy
loving her buddy Katie

Her enthusiasm for life was felt by all those who met her and particularly those who held her in their arms. She had a way of wrapping herself around you and making you feel as though you were the only person in the world that she loved. She made Sherry and me very happy that she was so affectionate with others, because we knew that the unconditional love that she was sharing was often a powerful healing force. Many people would share their heartfelt experiences with a beloved family dog, very often with a laugh or two, and sometimes with a tear, but always reflecting deep feelings for their four-legged best friend.

fashion experiment
sunflower queen
on the job

Giselle's passing will always remain one to the saddest days in our lives; however, we choose to remember Giselle's glorious days ... enjoying her life to the fullest. As a UdogU "fashion" Poodle her picture was taken at craft shows more times that we can imagine. Our own archives contain hundreds of photographs of Giselle as a puppy, playing with her pack (she was never an only dog), dressed up on the job, playing dress up off the job and, occasionally, dressing up for one of the many Christmas cards that we created over the years.

Christmas 1998
Christmas 2002
Christmas 2005
Christmas 2006
with senior poodle Chienne

We couldn't think of a better way to commemorate Giselle's life than by sharing some of the photographs that show Giselle in her prime, doing what she loved to do. If you are among those who knew her, I hope these photos brought back fond memories. If you never had the opportunity to meet Giselle, please know that her gift was to love people and to enjoy life to the fullest ... a legacy worth emulating.

As you look over these images of Giselle's life, allow her to come alive in the theatre of your mind. She is showing you that life was really good!

showing off her fresh cut
tug of war
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