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Ever since we went online in 2003, udogu customers and their owners have gone out of their way to let us know how much they love our products. If you would like to join them, please use our Contact Us form or include your remarks on your order.

8/17/2019 Susan
Have 3 of your easy harness but polka dots have faded. Harness still intact! over 14 yrs old!

8/15/2019 Kristi-Anne
Ojo is going to love it!

8/13/2019 Linda
I just received the harnesses. One is more beautiful then the other. Thank you again for putting the extra touch on them.

8/13/2019 Ellen
Would you send the longest rib cage harness in this pattern. Our dog has a medium cyst on her chest near the harness strap and the next larger size is too wide for her. [Yes, we always try to honor requests like this.]

8/12/2019 Chris
I ordered a new harness for my Zoey!! They are the best!!!

8/10/2019 Mallory
Thank you very much! As always, we love our UDogU products, and our dogs seem to enjoy them too!

8/6/2019 Cindi
Just want to say that my Mother-in-Law LOVES the harnesses I get her from your site. And I get lots of brownie points!

8/4/2019 Patricia
Love your products. I already have 16.

8/4/2019 Deborah
So excited about the new offers! Love all your girly harnesses!

8/4/2019 Marianne
I just love your products - so much that my little female Shih Tsu Ellie (13 lbs.), has worn through down to the last thread.

8/4/2019 Vicki
Hi. Can you add to my order three non adjustable leashes but the same thickness as the adjustable and the length of the thin ones like I always order. [Yes, we try to honor all special requests.]

8/4/2019 Linda
Again I will say, your harnesses are the best. We get many compliments on them.

8/4/2019 Lorrie
This is our 6th purchase from UdogU and have never been disappointed!

8/3/2019 Chris
We love your dog harness. They are the best!!

7/30/2019 Martha
I absolutely love the doggy harness! It is adorable!!! Your work is outstanding! Thank You So Much!!! I definitely will be ordering again.

7/19/2019 Cathy
Thank you so much for the order. Murphy outgrew his first one!

7/18/2019 Marty
I received the new harness today and it fits much better. I will send back the old one tomorrow. Thanks for your prompt service. As an aside, I'm ordering the matching leash on your Website today.

7/16/2019 Cathy
The shamrock duty bag was great! Thank you!

7/15/2019 Carla
We Love Your Harnesses.

7/12/2019 Beverly
We have bought your harnesses for 3 dogs over the years ... several annually for different seasons. This new Shih Tzu is a tiny little boy ... our grand dog. This is his first harness. Thanks for your products!

7/8/2019 Dawn
Thank you so much for the exchange! The new one I have fits him perfectly. (Tea Cup Plus)

7/2/2019 Karen
Our girl wore out her bandana harness, so we're so happy to find this replacement!!!

6/21/2019 Sandy
I had one [a harness] for my other dog, now my new dog will get this one. I used to volunteer for Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota so that is where i became familiar with them and i love them.

6/18/2019 Dawn
I cannot wait to receive my new harness. I had several for my Chopper (who passed in January). I now have a tiny little 4 1/2 lb Shih Tzu and I have two failed harnesses [not from UDogU!] to return as soon as I receive yours. It's a complete disaster trying to buy a toy doggy a harness. Thank goodness you guys exist!!

6/16/2019 Bonnie
My dog angel loves her easy on harnesses. She has quite a few, probably about 8 of them. We get so many compliments on how pretty she is. You've helped make exchanges too. [Exchanges for a different size are part of our Harness Fit Guarantee. Always happy to do it.]

6/1/2019 LeeAnn
Thank you Bill for calling me back a second time, I really appreciate you and your follow-up. We love the harness we purchased from you at the craft fair here in Jacksonville. You and your wife do wonderful work. Our little dog Matilda gets a lot of compliments on the Dalila harness we purchased then. Thanks again & I hope your wife has a great/safe trip.

5/29/2019 Jacky
We are so happy with our harnesses and leashes for Rocky and Nola. I had ordered the wrong size and it was exchanged and resent so fast! We love them! Thank you!

5/28/2019 Lawson
You may recall that our precious Lhasa Misti-meanor died in February, who we miss terribly. We want you to know though that we just adopted a 3 yo Shih Tzu rescue to help fill the fur-baby void in our lives. Stella has a sad back-story, and is a work in progress! She so deserves the best from her new forever home and parents. We are anxious to see how she looks in a new UDog ruffle harness (hope we selected the right size)!! Thanks for all you do.

5/22/2019 Starr
Thank you. The new harness is perfect. I hope you received my return. [We often send the size exchange before we receive your return harness. Our customers are generally very trustworthy!]

5/13/2019 Doreen
Hi Bill, received my order Saturday and it's perfect, thank you. I have been using your products for years now and they last forever. One of my dogs has a whole wardrobe of different patterns in the easy on harness. Thank you again!

5/11/2019 Shannon
This is Maggie Mae with her new harness! Fits great! Thank you!

5/8/2019 Suzanne
I am adding to the many pieces I bought at Delray Affair, 2019. I have mini wire Dachshunds, obviously I love what you make!

5/2/2019 Shannon
I just received the harness and leash, I love them! However, I must have not measured my dog correctly because the harness is just a little too small for her. How do I return this one and get the one that is one size larger? Thank you! [The instructions for a size exchange are on our Harness Fit Guarantee page.]

4/26/2019 Carol
I found you at Christmas In The South several years ago but just found your business card today. At that time I only bought the pink dot ruffled harness. My little dog and everyone who sees her love this harness. I'm so happy to have found you to order more!

4/20/2019 Ellen
I absolutely love the Easy-On Harness!

4/17/2019 Caradonna
Got the replacement harnesses thank you. I'm buying this purple one for Panda, is it possible to do a 4" ruffle on it? Also, the blue paws collar is for Romeo, I need to add a bow tie. All his collars have them. Can you make a bow tie?

4/15/2019 Connie
Photos of Medium puppy 'Diogee' (boy 2yoa hard on stuff lol) with Bella (Med Svc Dog 8yoa Sweet gentle) wearing only the Best!

4/13/2019 Jan
I'm a long time customer - dating back to when Buddha (Boo) was my first dog. He passed a year ago and I had added a rescue malti-poo just before I lost him. She has been a challenge - a rescue without training - but has become a charmer. I renamed her to Daisy after we went through a tough spell - she has risen to the occasion and is as sweet as could be. Almost ordered the DaisyMae but love the black and pink combo of this harness.

4/12/2019 Ileana
Two of our adopted Yorkie pups received as gifts harnesses made by your Company. I like them very much so I'm now ordering two for our other two Yorkie. Well, I'm actually ordering two for our girl and one for her brother. Very well made, comfortable, durable and easy to use. I recommend these products.n Love them.

4/9/2019 Sharon
Daisy and Chloe said hello and thank you for making them so pretty where people stop and compliment their Harnesses on the boardwalk!! Thanks always!

4/7/2019 Mary Jo
I have been using udogu easy on harnesses for my two doxies for the past 10 years. So easy to put on and nice soft material. Love them! Great fit as well!

4/4/2019 Michelle
This is for a new poodle pup we have. Just informing you - in case you wonder why the size is smaller than we usually order. :)

4/3/2019 Diane
Hi Bill and Sherry. Your harnesses are the best ever. Perfect fit. What sz do you suggest for a Doxie a little over 10 lbs at the present?

3/25/2019 Krissy
I'm sorry about this return (for exchang) but if you look up my history you'll see I'm a good customer for many many years (since your occoquan days).

3/24/2019 Andrea
We love your harnesses and get them every year at Christmas Made in the South. All my girls need harnesses. Hoping I measured everyone correctly!

3/21/2019 Pamela
I bought several of your harnesses for my other dog who passed away. My new dog is a year old and I couldn't wait until Springfest in OC, MD this year to get one for Charlie. So I pulled out your business card and decided to order one. Thank you for making such great product.

3/21/2019 Kristine
Sweet!!! Thank you!! I referred my neighbor to you guys to & had her order me 2 shamrocks for my big kids. :)

3/20/2019 Joan
We have the American flag harness & leash for my male Pugs, they fit perfectly, LOVE THEM? Will you be making any with a nautical print with sail boats/fish/lobsters? [We are always looking for fabrics that will work, with designs our customers will love.]

3/16/2019 Joanne
We love your harnesses!

3/15/2019 Linda
Keep up the good work, love the harnesses.

3/13/2019 Jane
We are visiting from the UK and would love for this to arrive before we go home, if you are able to ship as soon as possible that would be great - thank you! We saw a dog wearing this harness in Key West today and fell in love instantly!

3/11/2019 Susan
We love your soft collars and harnesses! And, I hope you will bring back the red bandana print :).

3/9/2019 Joanne
Your harneses have lasted us for years! We always come see you at colorfest at Thurmont.

3/6/2019 Susan
I received the Lucky Lass Ruffle Harness and love the design! I also love the quality of your harnesses and plan on ordering more in the future.

2/28/2019 Cathy
I have been a customer for over 15 years, we met at Christmas in South in Macon, Georgia!

2/27/2019 Linda
I just received the harness my pups picture won. It is so pretty. Thank you again. Keep up the good work as your harnesses are show stoppers.

2/27/2019 Stephanie
I really enjoy your harness.

2/25/2019 Kelly
Baxter's St. Patrick's Day harness arrived today and we love it!!! ... Thanks so much for your great service and great work that you do in making our fur babies look festive!!!

2/23/2019 Kelly
Thank you, can't wait to show it off on my baby Baxter while taking him for a walk!!!

2/22/2019 Kathy
I am buying this for a 17 year old who still has the heart to keep going. His thin little body measures 22" and want to make sure he will be comfortable with this size. Thank you - he is currently wearing one of your harness when he was a puppy! It is large on him, so need to order again, thank you.

2/22/2019 Kathy
Originally found you at a festival in Crystal River Florida. Outstanding harness's.

2/20/2019 Linda
Your harnesses are the best! It's the only ones we use.

2/15/2019 Ruth
Received halter for pattycake..great fit. Thank you.

2/7/2019 Phyllis
I am with Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota. I promote your products as they are beautiful and so well made.

1/31/2019 Mike & Joni
We first met you kids [!] at the Festival of the Little Hills in St Charles Mo. I have been promoting your products to everyone. And also to a lot of Doggie Stores. Would love it if you could include some of your business cards with our order so I can give them out to some businesses so I can get someone here to carry your doggie products. Thanks.

1/24/2019 Abby
Thank you for your excellent customer service. Cooper and I appreciate it.

1/23/2019 Jan
Thanks Bill. Look forward to new "duds" for Mookie and Cosmo!

1/22/2019 Vicki
I have purchased multiple times from you at the Manatee Art Festival in Apollo Beach.

1/18/2019 Carol
I'm delighted to have the hearts fabric hat for my standard Poodle. She is a therapy dog as well and patients just love your hats when she wears them. Thank You.

1/18/2019 Lois
Thank you so much for still carrying and making the same pattern I bought for my Yorkie Poo, she has gained a little weight, so I hope the M fits her.

1/17/2019 Shelia
We get a new harness every year at the Christmas in the South!

1/17/2019 Phyllis
Just wanted to let you know my Scotties Mac Duff & Isabella love your harnesses and so do the people I run into. Thanks for all the great designs.

1/16/2019 Anita
I get asked everyday when people see LoLa's adorable harnesses ... where I got them, I always send them your way!! Miss seeing you all in St. Charles, MO now that we are in CA!! ... if you are ever this way, please let me know! XoXo's

1/10/2019 Dexter
We live in Hudson, Florida. Can't wait to see you at your next event ... We've been buying your products for a few years now and we love them!

1/8/2019 Lora
The harness is a tad too big so he has another that he is quickly growing out of. We found out he isn't even 7months yet. So he still growing. We still don't know if we are adopting him or just watching him. Anyway, the harness set is beautiful. Thank you.

1/7/2019 Karen
Thank you!! Our Bella has worn out her everyday red bandana harness, so these are replacements!! Happy New Year!

1/6/2019 Marian
Our little Chihuahua Pepe' has passed. He was a much loved rescue dog. We loved your harnesses and leashes.

1/4/2019 Lora
This is for our adopted doggie; Ridley, Ruby's big brother :)

1/3/2019 Sharon
Nothing to add except I had ordered from you before it was custom I thought but it seemed you had all the right sizes for my girls! We missed you at this past summer fest in OC. Hope all is well!! Thank you so much.

1/3/2019 Miriam
Love your harnesses!

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