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Ever since we went online in 2003, udogu customers and their owners have gone out of their way to let us know how much they love our products. If you would like to join them, please use our Contact Us form or include your remarks on your order.

12/21/2018 Sara
Our little Cockapoo Emily has two of your precious "outfits" and I was unable to get to Savannah for Christmas in the South so I just decided to order online. Not sure how she will do with her hat, but we'll try. We take her to the vet to be groomed every month, and we tell her she can wear her dress and she gets excited. They love her little fashionista self. She isn't spoiled though ... right! Hopefully will see you in the Spring!

12/11/2018 Margaret
Thanks; can barely wait [for my order]! I love love love your products!!

11/27/2018 Judy
I am so happy that I found your company! I live in Hobe Sound, FL and saw a dog wearing your harness in Salerno, FL on Thanksgiving. The couple was nice enough to give me your website. I have been looking for a comfortable harness for my mini beagle, Daisy, so she won't choke.

11/14/2018 Teresa
Thank you for your help. I love your products.

11/3/2018 Tia
Have purchased a ruffled harness and hat in pink daisy and love it.

10/29/2018 Renee
Thank you. I did order all my Blue Paws items and look forward to receiving them. Now my boys won't look like little bums with their tattered harnesses :)

10/29/2018 Linda
Hi there! I've been a long time customer and fan of your product! After losing my Ruby girl i was unable to even think about another fur baby for 3 long years! But now i have my Pookie and he has been "borrowing" Ruby's harnesses for about a year. Now its time to get his own collection! I wouldn't even dream of buying any other product! I'm so excited to receive Pook's new stylish harness and order more!

10/22/2018 Rosemary
Order received already! Looks beautiful. Will be a St. Nicholas Day (Dec. 6) gift for my daughter and her small Norwich companion who loves her pink daisy ruffles. Always dances about as soon as she sees them!

10/21/2018 Cathy
I have 9 of your ruffle harnesses. How about Halloween, Thanksgiving, New year's, super bowl, Easter fabrics? Have a great holiday season. Ideas for next year ...

10/15/2018 Carol
Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I have received the Harness. Do I owe you any money for the exchange? [no, we're good ...]

10/12/2018 Lora
Hi! I passed this email on to my dog Mom friends. Adorable stuff! love you both.

10/11/2018 Heather
Hello, my Shih Tzu loves his easy on harness and his human family does, too. Other harnesses are not even worth it. Thanks!

10/11/2018 Candie
Hi, I have been purchasing your adorable sets for so so long, and still adore them!

10/9/2018 Kathleen
I think this is harness #5 and 6 that I am ordering from you ! Love your product...

9/11/2018 Ashlea
So excited to receive my order. Your harnesses are just so adorable.

9/9/2018 Judy
Thank you so much for not only the outfits but most of all for caring about Bella. Her surgery went very well and although recovery is slow we are making progress. We will send a picture of her in her outfits once she is feeling better and her hair is growing back. She has seven staples in her thigh at the moment. Again, thanks again for your wonderful outfits.

9/7/2018 Kathy
Love these harnesses, will be third one we have purchased. I'm happy to pay additional to expedite the shipping.

9/6/2018 Diana
love your product

9/4/2018 Priscilla
I have received the two small harnesses and they fit perfectly... I want to thank you for all your help with my selection and size for my little pup!!! I love the choices and they look great on her!!! I will tell others about your website!!!

9/4/2018 Donna
Thank you so much! I'll be a customer forever! [after we repaired her harness for her]

9/3/2018 Maria
We love your harnesses and now have 3 dogs using them!

9/2/2018 Linda
I love these so much I'm getting one for my sister's yorkie!

9/1/2018 Judy
Thank you so much for the prayers for Bella. We are looking forward to recovery with new outfits to wear. She will probably wear her American Flag harness to surgery on Tuesday. Maybe blue daisy. Thanks for your wonderful products.

8/31/2018 Lora
You have so really cute new products!

8/28/2018 Judy
So excited to be getting new outfits. Bella is having surgery next Tuesday and will be on a "leash only" for about 8-10 weeks. She will be looking her best. Thank you.

8/28/2018 Gary
Thanks for the update, you guys have always been GREAT not only with your product, but your service too.

8/27/2018 Diana
Love your product!

8/27/2018 Anita
I sure miss seeing you in St. Charles, Mo.! We are now in Cali ... Let me know if you do any shows here! Can't wait to get LoLa's goodies! Much love! XoXo's

8/27/2018 Sue
I just bought my second easy-on harness. I love them because they are so easy to use. They also wear well. Thanks for making this product!

8/23/2018 Stephen
I love your harnesses! They are so easy to use and stay on when my dog is wrestling with other dogs. I looked for you at the St Charles Festival of the Little Hills last weekend but did not see you. So here's my order. Thank You.

8/23/2018 Cheryl
Hi! I have 3 of your raffle hello sis and I absolutely love them!

8/22/2018 Anita
You always add a little extra " bling" to LoLa's harnesses....Love the boutique ones!! ( any extra bling would be fabulous!)

8/21/2018 Lorrie
I have the pink dot ensemble and get so many compliments! Thank you!

8/20/2018 Karen
Asked a woman at a boat dock where she got her dog's harness! [add to mailing list]

8/17/2018 Dawn
Awesome! The girls are going to be so blinged out!!

8/12/2018 Dawn
Are the sizes of the Ruffle Harnesses marked on them? I have a Min Pin who I'm buying the Toy-Plus Ruffle Harnesses for, and a Mini-Dachshund who I'm buying the Small Ruffle Harnesses for. In their excitement to get these on and out the door, it will be very helpful to know which size is which! :-) Thank you!

8/10/2018 Ann
Sherry's creations are wonderful, and my doggies are walking advertisements for them out here!

8/10/2018 Debbie
Hello! Received Gus' harness today .... love it! Thank you so much for your fast service and such quality products.

8/9/2018 John & JoAnn
We really loved the pictures of you dogs and have shared them with our daughter. Give my love to Sherry and the puppies.

8/5/2018 Sandra
Thank you for having such OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS!

8/5/2018 Candace
I always love telling everyone of our friends when you are at "Market Days" here in Tallahassee Florida ...

8/1/2018 Katie
I felt as though I should reach out to you, as today the clip broke on my Dooty-Duffel. Now I'm not looking for anything, I'm actually amazed at how long I've owned this Dooty-Duffel. My guess is around 15 to 20 years! Yep! I had a Newfie Mix named Loki and I bought this for him when he was a puppy. He has since passed. I think I purchased this at our local Harborfest in Oswego NY. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you had a tent set up there. (its been a long time). I went on your website and you actually still have the same fabric (red with black paw prints) ... just wanted you to know how long this lasted. Its a great product!

7/27/2018 Joyce
Hello, I love the dog harnesses!

7/27/2018 Mary
Just wanted to let you know that I received the harness and it fits perfectly on Buddy!! I sent you a picture. It looks so cute on him. The harnesses are wonderful!! So glad I found them!!

7/25/2018 Chris
I do love the ruffle harness. These are the best dog harnesses! Thank you so much!!

7/23/2018 Julia
I know I will like these items I have bought from you in the past at the yellow daisy festival. looking forward to getting my items!

7/21/2018 Marilyn
Hi, Bill called me today to see if I received the order. I just received the harness. Please tell Bill I want to thank him and his company for a good product and his caring about his clients.

7/20/2018 Marcia
We have purchased several of your harnesses at Milford Michigan said you are not coming there this year, we love the harnesses.

7/20/2018 Ellen
I love your harnesses!! This is Peter Parker's 3rd one (I think)!

7/20/2018 Patsy
The harness fits Carley perfect. I had no trouble putting it over her head. Thank you.

7/19/2018 Linda
Love all the harnesses, my girls always get many compliments, and when asked I always give them your web site. Thank you!

7/18/2018 Marilyn
Through out the years I have recommended you to all my friends. I love your products. Again thank you.

7/16/2018 Sheila
I just love your harnesses and ruffle harnesses. I get a lot of lovely comments about the ones I have.

7/15/2018 Deborah
Love all the harnesses! Get many compliments on the toy poodle that I take to work at a Chiropractor's office. She's the front office greeter! Please include some business cards. THANKS!

7/15/2018 Noma
I was thrilled to get two hats from the barkin basement sale. It's been years since I ordered any hats. My last baby has crossed the rainbow bridge but I still have her hat. I love your products.

7/14/2018 Ginny
Hi, Just wanted you to know that I got my new dog harness and I LOVE IT!!!!! This is the second one I have gotten from you -- my daughter Debbie ordered the first one for me. You have an excellent product and I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future. Super fast shipping. Thank you so much!!!!

7/13/2018 Monique
They fit perfectly! Thank you.

7/11/2018 Linda
I finally found your webpage again after having to put my Yorkie down in 2013. I got a new little dog and I will be ordering a lot of things from you. The stuff I got for Ruby my first Yorkie is still in absolute excellent condition. It is definitely the best made harness ever! I absolutely love your guyses products.

7/10/2018 Chris
We are in need of a new harness! Yours are by far the best! All of the ones we have are getting a bit worn. Time for a new one. Thanks a bunch!

7/9/2018 Sharon
I buy from you at Spring fest and Sun fest in OC. We had a Yorkie that passed away and got a new dog this spring. Growing fast and went from tea cup to tea cup plus already. You both are always an inspiration when I speak with you. Thank you for sharing your poems and other wonderful information. Looking forward to the new collar for Bailey (the new guy) See you at Sunfest.

7/7/2018 Debbie
We love the harnesses - this is our sixth set, two for each of our 3 dogs. Hope to see you this year at Milford days in Michigan!

7/6/2018 Emily
Thank you so much for letting me exchange this! The one you sent is perfect! I highly recommend your great company :) Have already ordered another. [from an Etsy convo]

7/3/2018 Sheila & George
We have never done business with an organization that is so customer oriented. Udogu and Bill and Sherry are what is right about US businesses. By the way their products are great.

6/29/2018 Cindy
I love all of your items and customer service. I have prior experience with purchasing several different items from you at craft shows in Savannah. I appreciate all of your love and dedication and look forward to future shows and purchases.

6/25/2018 Bonnie
It's here and it is so darn cute! Thank you! [there was a photo attached]

6/25/2018 Cheryl
I recently received two of your leash items. They are very well made and darling ...

6/23/2018 Connie
I've received order today?! Wow . . . lol.

6/21/2018 Clara
Hi, Mr. Merrill amazingly (not many people do) called to talk with me about the harness we purchased for my little yorkie, Cruz. I sent it back & received it today (that was quick)! It fits him perfectly. Positively love it like the other 2 we bought for Zoe & Max. Some yorkies have big heads so it just wouldn't go over his head easily. I'm 100% satisfied with it and appreciate your follow up. I also received the generous donation of another harness which will be used as a raffle for our annual animal rescue event. It draws a big crowd. Thank you very much.

6/20/2018 Susan
Thank you! We love your collars!

6/19/2018 Eileen
Thanks Bill!! My new dog needed a new July 4th harness!

6/18/2018 LouAnn
Received new harnesses today, they fit great.

6/18/2018 Merle
I LOVE your service dog harness. Does it come without the ruffles? [Yes, we offer the Service Dog Harness with or without the ruffles. We are about to offer Service Dog Harnesses in many more fabrics and patch options!]

6/18/2018 Carol
I bought 3 at Christmas in the South in Jacksonville last year and now need two more.

6/17/2018 Ruah
I just purchased a halter from you. I love it! We were visiting family and their dog had one.

6/11/2018 Mary Ellen
My dogs are wearing your beautiful fitting harnesses. I purchased them at the women's show in Jacksonville fl. Around December. Love your product

6/10/2018 Penny
I really love the harness & leash that fits my little boy.

6/7/2018 Kristine
I purchased the blue daisy years ago at an art festival. It's a great product. She is a 5lb Maltese. Thank you

6/6/2018 Marge
Ordering butterfly ruffle purple harness with butterfly appliqué; would LOVE if I could get the heart appliqué on that specific harness rather than the butterfly appliqué - but will take the butterfly appliqué if it can not be switched :) [We switched it ...]

5/29/2018 Laurel
Received it today and fits perfectly. I brought one at Columbus ga show last year and loved it for my yorkie.

5/26/2018 Peggy
Always visit your booth at Christmas Made in the South Macon. Tucker my little boy had really enjoyed his many visors you've made. We need a camouflage visor and a purple visor. Can't wait to see your new styles.

5/16/2018 Dolores
You were recommended by Beverly Miller from Minute Man Press in New Port Richey. I am with SPCA Suncoast no-kill Shelter in New Port Richey. I decided to take her recommendation and order harnesses for my two dogs. Her dogs will be performing at our Spay-ghetti dinner on June 20, 2018. I understand you designed those beautiful costumes.

5/15/2018 Clara
I have 3 dogs and this is the 3rd harness I've purchased from you and absolutely love them. Thanks so much.

5/5/2018 Vicki
My Bassett Hound really enjoyed wearing his red polka dot hat to his 5K. Thanks for a great fit.

5/2/2018 Sharon
Love their stuff.

5/1/2018 Susan
Received previous order super fast! The harness fits my little guy very well, but so little space between his chest and trachea area thought I would order next size up also. I think it would give him a little more ease of taking over his head. Just want to say girth is great, quality is exceptional and fit is amazing compared to any harness I have tried in any brand!! You guys are the best! Little Bit likes it also because it is comfortable and he looks sharp and patriotic!! :)Thank you again! Suz and Little Bit

4/29/2018 Roxanne
Love your harnesses!! Friend bought flag one for her little one and I found you from tag, ordered & hoping to receive in tomorrows mail. Now wondering what size snap is on the adjustable leashes. Would like leash with a small size snap. Afraid of too big of snap but want longer than your 4' leash that specifies small snap. My dog is 8 lbs and friends not quite 5 lb dog I will be buying 2 harness and leash sets for soon. Thank you for any info on snap size and your adorable items!

4/28/2018 Joan, Tucker & Rudy Pug
Thank you for the replacement. Attached is a picture. This one for whatever reason seems to fit Cricket better. Love it!

4/27/2018 Terri
Dear Bill, We received the harness for my daughter's cat Louise and it fits fine; (it's so pretty) now we can get her used to it for her move to Florida! Thank you again!

4/26/2018 Beverly
Received and as always we LOVE it!!

4/25/2018 Sarah
I did get it and love it - thank you so much.

4/25/2018 Mary Ellen
We love the harness for our chi. Maxi.

4/24/2018 Joan, Tucker & Rudy Pug
Just received the harness's and leashes today - perfect love them, they feet my two pugs just right, so glad I found you! Thank you for a great product ?

4/16/2018 Cathy
[Hi Cathy - your Collars were mailed today along with a postage paid envelope for returning the harnesses. Bill, UdogU] Thanks for all of your help. I dropped the envelope off this morning at the post office. Hope to see you at one of the Christmas shows in the Charlotte area this year!

4/15/2018 Ann
Bill and Sherry - you are correct the next size up works. now hopefully Lola won't get stuck in it as she rolls!! The purple is festive! Thank you!

4/13/2018 Debbie
Thank you so much. We love your products for all three of our fur babies. Hope to see you in Milford Michigan this year.

4/7/2018 Rhonda
I received my order today, thank you so very much! The teacup plus fit both my girls perfectly. So I'd like to return the Adorable Ruffle Harness in size Teacup as it is to small for my youngest yorkie. Can it be replaced with an Adorable in size Teacup plus? [Yes, we offer a Harness Fit Guarantee, and we exchange for the right size quite often!]

4/6/2018 Marie
Received today and love the fit and the look - thank you.

4/6/2018 Sarah
This is the 3rd set I have purchased from you all for my yorkies. They are the only harnesses that really fit them and they look adorable. I'm sure I will be buying more.

4/6/2018 Cheryl
Thanks so much! We love the harnesses and leashes!

3/28/2018 Nancy
Thank you so much! I have told several furbaby owners of the quality and cuteness of your harnesses. Hope they order soon.

3/24/2018 Dawn
I got my order today. As usual the harnesses are beautiful.

3/21/2018 Ann
Thank you wow that was fast!

2/26/2018 Ellyn
While I love the product, I do think the toy plus would be a better fit for my little dog. I originally ordered the toy size and will return the two toy harnesses I purchased. I will keep the two leashes as I would like to get both harnesses in the larger toy plus size. I will put the harnesses in the mail tomorrow.

2/23/2018 Pam
I LOVE your products so much. Thank you for your great service and quality. Received the beautiful Butterfly harness today and collar. Whenever I can I recommend your website to others.

2/21/2018 Barbara and David
Thank you Bill for returning my call the other day and glad we were able to get the right harness in the mail for my Roxie. ... I'm a big fan of your product!

2/16/2018 Lynette
So cute! We get a lot of compliments on her adorable harness sets, and they hold up so great even when we need to wash them or she pulls on the leash.

2/9/2018 Barbara
So glad I kept your card from the Sunfest in ocean City MD a few years back. Wanted a second harness for our dog. LOVE YOUR PRODUCT.

2/9/2018 Alexandra
Forgot to order leash at same time with my puppy's new leash and collar. But love them as always! Dad and I have been with you all for a long time and always look forward to new patterns and colors :)

2/5/2018 Kay
Hi, I received my harness today. I love your products.

2/3/2018 Judy
I received the darling pink/black fleece coat in a matter of days. It fits and Honey looks so cute in it. But she is warm now when the weather is cold. Thank you so much!

1/29/2018 Susan
Love your products and will order again!

1/26/2018 Karen
The harness fits perfectly! I'll send pics. Thanks so much!

1/26/2018 Shari
We love your harnesses. Can we order them in solid colors? Our dog always has outfits on and sometimes the patterns are too busy.

1/23/2018 Barbara (& Sis)
Harnesses arrived yesterday. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Fit her across her back & are adjustable around her tummy. May need that as she ages. So far she's keeping her girlish figure at 8 years old. BTW, the green dot fabric for the ruffle is perfect.

1/18/2018 Sherri
Since it has been so cold, I have been putting coats or sweaters on my dog every morning ... I do love them and he gets so many compliments on his outfits (hat, halter, leash).

1/18/2018 Ellen
Just checking to make sure you received the harness I sent back. I kept the larger one and it fits him perfectly with room to grow.

1/17/2018 Maria
Just received my order today. I absolutely love everything!! The adjustable leash is exactly what I was looking for! I can have it short when we go to the vet, or long when we go for a walk. I always ordered a small harness, but Maggie has put on a little weight. So I ordered the medium and it fits fine. And of course she needed a matching collar! Thank you for making such good quality items for my dogs! You guys are the best!! Always so happy with my orders!!

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