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Ever since we went online in 2003, udogu customers and their owners have gone out of their way to let us know how much they love our products. If you would like to join them, please use our Contact Us form or include your remarks on your order.

12/26/2017 Ellen
We bought a harness from you at Christmas Made in the South in Columbus, GA in October and love it. He has outgrown it and needs a new one. The ones in pet stores don't even compare. Yours are so much better!!

12/26/2017 Dennis
Love your products!

12/19/2017 Rosa
Got it - fits perfectly. Thanks.

12/17/2017 Mindi
I love this harness!!! My dog sitter gave me one from your company so I wanted to order one. However, I can't find the size on the current harness and if fits perfectly!! Thanks!

12/16/2017 Valerie
I bought several harnesses when you did the shows in south miami. Best harnesses ever. My Chihuahua's harness is now so tattered she looks like an orphan. Any others company's i have bought are not good!!!!

12/15/2017 Dana
Thank you so very much for your wonderful service. Merry Christmas.

12/14/2017 Susan
I love your products so much.

12/12/2017 Eileen
I bought a harness at the show in Savannah, and we love it. So does Holly, buying these two for our daughter's dogs. Thanks.

12/8/2017 Anita
I missed you this year in St. Charles at the Festival of the Little Hills - We have moved to Cali ... We always get so many compliments on Lola's "little dresses" as most people call them ~ Yours is the only harness we have found that fits her and works!! We refer everyone we know to you!! Happy Holidays!! Sending much love!

12/8/2017 Christine
I have ordered from UDogU many times. I love your harnesses. Bill is very nice to work with.

12/6/2017 Jezebel
hi! i love your designs, perfect for my pup! any chance we can get these sent out asap would be amazing, as we are traveling next week. Thank you!!

12/5/2017 Maria
Thanks bill for emailing me so fast. I'd rather have the 2 adjustable leashes. That will be fine. So many people have complimented me on how adorable my dogs look with their Christmas harnesses and collars!! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12/4/2017 Anne
I love it! I love it! My little guy looks so cute. We get Lots of people liking the look.

12/2/2017 Deborah

11/30/2017 Kathy
Awesome! Yes I knew I would be back soon and still have a few more I want to get as we have a new puppy! Had been without one for 3 years so I'm having fun! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

11/30/2017 Kim (& Missy)
Yay! Thanks Norm! Her old one was really faded ... have had it several years. Really love these, they can't wiggle out of them, LOL! Hugs and Happy Holidays!

11/25/2017 Linda
Thanks, I received it and fits perfectly.

11/20/2017 Judy
I can not tell you how much I enjoy the ruffle harnesses I have for my babies. They get so many compliments. This will be their fifth outfit so that is ten harness. I have gone up a size on both of them as they are getting too many treats from neighbors. You should put business cards in your outgoing orders. I tell people how to find you in line but I often wonder if they remember when they get home. A card would remind them. Thank you again for your beautiful work and outfits.

11/19/2017 Judy
Can't wait to get my new order. Been with you since your first year in Augusta Ga. sure miss you. Love your work and your items.

11/15/2017 Kathy
Got Piper's ruffle harness today and love it but I should have gotten the adjustable harness. Can I exchange the leash for the adjustable one and send the $2 back to cover the difference? [yes, of course, we are always happy to make exchanges ...]

11/14/2017 Laurie
Thanks for your great products.

11/13/2017 Reggie
We bought Jenny a harness at OC and you were kind enough to send her the right size. Benny wants one too. Love the harness.

11/13/2017 Kathy
Awesome! Thanks! We have a new little girl and she needs some new outfits!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

11/12/2017 Sylvia
I have the ruffled harness that I got from you at Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain. I love it and have used it for several years. I now have a new chocolate schnauzer and need a brown color/organza ribbon ruffle. Do you made custom colors? [in fact, we sometimes do. contact us and we'll discuss it!]

11/10/2017 Kathy
I have a harness from our previous dog and it has a T on it. What size is that? Is there somewhere on the website that it shows what each letter means? I want to order more but need to know what size I currently have! Thanks a lot! [T is our Toy size. Good suggestion about the website! Thanks!]

11/9/2017 Linda
I am ordering the Frosty Ruffle size Toy and the Noel Ruffle HArness size Toy for each of my girls... I love the harnesses they are so easy to take on and off. Everywhere we go, my girls get compliments on them and I am always asked where I purchased them, and I tell them about you guys. Thanks again. Happy Holidays!

11/8/2017 Lucille
The harness came today and fits great!? Thank you!

11/7/2017 Linda
YAY!!!!! Thank you for letting me know! UDogU is awesome and your customer service is impeccable!

11/1/2017 Karen
Hi, I met you at the Christmas show at the Cabarrus Center. I purchased the black and white skull harnesses for my two Boston Terriers. They love them and look so adorable in them. Thank you for making such great quality products. I am looking forward to receiving this next order from you.

10/30/2017 Michelle
Your harness' are the only ones that work for Sasha with her soft track!! Attached are pictures of the one I bought in June.

10/26/2017 Kitty
This is our third harness with you. I measured and hope I have right size. If you can check my last order (leopard) this is the right size.

10/25/2017 Shari
I love your products. The halter I got from you is too loose. We had a discussion about it and decided that my Westie was in the middle of small plus and medium.I got the medium and had to put it on the very end of the buckle because it was too loose. She does need the smaller one. I threw away all the packaging, thinking that the harness was OK, but she is able to get out of it through the part under her head. That is the part that is too loose. i would love to exchange it and add the lead to it. Could you send me the material and instructions as how to exchange it. thanks so much. I love the product - it is exceptionally well made. [no problem. We have records and were happy to exchange this.]

10/22/2017 Jeannie
I have been a customer of yours for many years, as I also have 2, 13 year old chihuahua sisters who wear your ruffle harnesses, hats and scarfs exclusively!

10/13/2017 Susan
Hi! I love the harness in the new fabric!

10/12/2017 Lisa
I have purchased several harnesses from you in the past for my Shih tzu's, but now I have an English Bulldog who is slightly too big for the large fancy one I purchased for her. I love that harness! Is it possible to make an X-large one? [we'll do our best ...]

10/7/2017 Frances
Thanks again! I love these harnesses and my Pixie gets all kinds of compliments and I give out referrals to your website. I just received the one that has pirate decorations. Pixie will probably wear that for Halloween.

10/7/2017 Joyce
I've recommended you to every single client and I see them wearing your product.

10/7/2017 Carol (& Daisy)
Please let me know if or when you do any Valentine's, St.Patrick and/or Easter hats. I have previously purchased 11 hats from you via ETSY. LOVE THE HATS. My dog Daisy is a standard poodle and we volunteer at a local hospital as a therapy dog team and Daisy often wears a hat. It is a HIT ! It brings big smiles to everyone, and now some of the "staff" are somewhat disappointed if Daisy wears a flower on her collar instead of a hat. So, I keep buying more :) just to see everyone smile when we walk thru the door. Thank You for a wonderful product.

10/6/2017 Gayle
Hello again!!! Just adopted another pup. Would you have any of the orange fall leaves harnesses for a Teacup Plus??? I'd love to have all three doggies in matching harnesses. Thank you! [we sometimes have extra product in discontinued fabrics, so we try to fill these requests when we can.]

10/4/2017 Elaine
Just wanted to let you know that I love the Lots of Dots Easy-On Harness. Great product.

10/3/2017 Eleanor
Thank you. I look forward to her harness & not having the collar choke her.

10/3/2017 Denise
I was disappointed that your booth was not in the festival! I want to ask if everyone's health is good? I have bought several of your ruffled harnesses. Little Missy and I get so many compliments! Hope all is well!

10/2/2017 -
I just registered and ordered a harness for my dog. It showed I ordered 2, but I just wanted one. I couldn't find the page to edit it. Please just send me one and correct the charge on my credit card. [happy to make the adjustment - we credited your card. ;-)]

10/1/2017 Frances

9/27/2017 Shirley
We would like to have these by 10-6 if possible because our church is having a Blessing the Animals on 10-8. We have purchased outfits from you before at Ocean City Sunfest. We love them and we always get so many nice comments on them. [we generally ship within a day or 2, first class mail, so your order should arrive in plenty of time.]

9/25/2017 Bobbi
This is my third harness & I love them.

9/19/2017 Sonia
Please bring back your fleece pullover coats. They were the best!

9/17/2017 Delynn
I love the ruffle harness I have gotten for me Zoe! I think we have 4 now. 3 of them are tattered at the neck from her getting her mouth around them though. This last one fits well and I hope it stays nice. I do wish you had more patterns. I like to have about 3 to change out so she isn't wearing the same one a lot. She is a pink girl so I have all the ones you have so far that fits that. Thank you for the perfect harness for my Girl!

9/16/2017 Jean
Received my Rama Mama Ruffled Harness and just wanted you to know of all harnesses I have purchased from you this is my favorite! Love the colors! And of course my Lucy thinks she's the prettiest dog on street ... (and she is!)

9/2/2017 Cara
Ace and I are so glad you found more pirate fabric! We can't wait to model it at the dog park.

9/2/2017 Candie
I first saw these great products at a fair in Yarmouth Me. They were on their own dogs sitting up on a table. I fell in love with the outfits, including the little sunhat! Have bought these for my dog babies ever since, they have only had these because they are high quality! People stop and say how cute they are frequently. I give them the web site and as I walk around our development I see them on other dogs. The owners are very helpful and will even get last minute things to you! I love the Dog hats but they are too big for a 5lb dog ...

8/23/2017 Kathy
Thank you for the excellent customer service!!

8/22/2017 Merril
I love your products! This is my 4th set of harness/leash sets. Do you still sell fleece sweaters?

8/21/2017 Leslie
Thank you so much. I cannot wait to get them. Thanks for combining them too. I know my little princess will look beautiful in these.

8/20/2017 Rebecca
Hello, I'm returning Red Hot harness, too small & would like to exchange for the Toy Sassy Bones Ruffle Harness. I really like it more & after seeing how easy these are to get on & the great quality, I won't mind a bit paying the extra money for ruffle & S&H. I'm sending out tomorrow & enclosed all information in envelope.

8/19/2017 Michelle
Hi:) Received the harness - I don't know how but it's too small:(( I measured her current "daisy" one before I ordered and measured her too ... but comparing this new one to her old one - I def need one size up:( I will mail it back - will you honor it (put credit for returned one towards one size up) and just charge me shipping and extra to my card for one size up? (Don't want to return it for refund - just exchange for one size up - these are the best harness I've ever found for her) Thank you. [yes, we process exchanges all the time. We want to be sure you are happy with your harness!]

8/16/2017 Kathy
Yeah! I really like the harnesses. Thank you.

8/15/2017 Kelley
I love your harnesses ... When will you add more choices?? Thanks!

8/14/2017 Laurie
Very excited to have another hat!! Everywhere she goes people stop us to tell how darling she is in her hat!!

8/14/2017 Bonnie
We are leaving on Sunday for a month, will i have my order before then? I would pay extra for shipping! Let me know please? My Angel loves her harnesses. We already have several. Her favorite is worn out. [we sent her order out right away.]

8/6/2017 Ellen
Love these harnesses -- they are super.

8/3/2017 Cathy
I just realized I have five of your fabrics for my sweet Dixie Doodle.

7/22/2017 Connie
I absolutely love UDogU harnesses! They fit my two Toy Yorkers that are 9# perfectly. I have ordered from you the last 4 years never have been disappointed. Seems the pattern choices are limited for ruffled harnesses now I have 6 now wish I could ordere another pattern soon! Keep up the great work! I get compliments all the time on my doggies harnesses!

7/22/2017 Andrea
Hi! Saw the sweetest baby today with your pink leopard ruffle harness & leash!! I would love one for my Zsa Zsa, but didn't see it on your fabric choices. Will you be making this again? Would love to order!! Thanks so much!!

7/20/2017 Gary
This is our third time ordering, we love your products, thank you for making it so easy to put on and off, Maggie loves it.

7/19/2017 Karyl
Looking forward to receiving my items. I already have the red and black polka dot and the American flag hat. My dog looks very cute and loves having them on. Looking forward to your adding new patterns in the future!

7/18/2017 Carolyn
Thank you! I love your products!

7/9/2017 Lois
Received the order. It is so cute. Thanks! This type of harness is so easy to put on and to hold my dog when I have to without choking him.

7/9/2017 Jan
Purchased a ruffle harness at Christmas Made In The South. Live it and want more for my little lady.

7/7/2017 Joy
Yeah, thank you!! Ollie & Buffy thank you!!

6/29/2017 Terrie
Thank you. Love them. This is for the rescue pup we just adopted. She is 5 and went through a tumultuous life. I'm trying the one with the ruffle. We have the polka dot one now.

6/16/2017 Debbie
I absolutely love your new version website. So so much easier to order. Thank you Bill.

6/7/2017 Linda
Please add me to your mailing list. I saw Roxy at the airport, a precious yorky-poo. I just loved Roxy's halter and leash!

5/15/2017 Sheila
Thanks sooo much. I usually get four in August at ST Charles Mo. I've always gotten the TCS but they seem lately they are choking them so I wanted to try the next size. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully you two are doing well. Thanks again.

4/21/2017 Judy
I really like the comfort factor in your design of harnesses. Thanks.

4/5/2017 Janice
We lost our dear little girl Yorkie dog and now have a boy Yorkie so need harness without ruffles but can use the same red with black dots leach that we have. You have a very perfect product.

4/1/2017 Erica
I received two harnesses, two collars, two leashes, and two dooty duffel today. They are so beautiful! They arrived quickly and exactly as described. I love them and hope they are in use for years to come! I have two long hair dachshunds and they are just coming into adulthood. My female has been terrified of her "step in" harness since we got her. I tried on her new harness as soon as we got it and it went well. I hope as she gets used to it she will stop cowering when she sees it coming. It works so much better than the step in kind. Thank you for the attention to detail!

2/25/2017 Lynette
Love your harness sets!

1/8/2017 Lisa
We love your harnesses.

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