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Ever since we went online in 2003, udogu customers and their owners have gone out of their way to let us know how much they love our products. If you would like to join them, please use our Contact Us form or include your remarks on your order.

12/31/2007 L.S.
I have enjoyed the harnesses I purchased for my dog. They are very easy to put on and take off.

12/13/2007 B.M.
I searched the Internet for harness's that fit a tiny Shih Tzu. Your website popped up and I ordered a Harness outfit from you a couple of weeks ago. Love it and so does Mia.

12/8/2007 C.E.
The snugglies are so nice!

12/7/2007 S.K.
We are very happy with the harnesses we have purchased from you in the past. We have had the camo and the red bandana. We are in need to update to a new one.

12/2/2007 M.G.
Eddie's outfit arrived yesterday and it was a perfect fit. He is all ready for the bad weather we are expecting today. He likes it so much he wants a spare.

12/1/2007 G.
I love your stuff.

11/29/2007 M.
Loved it.

11/25/2007 B.
We love the colorful new hat, harness and leash! Visit Toto on!!!

11/18/2007 L.Z.
I have 2 wire hair Dachshunds so it is very difficult to find clothes & hats to fit them. Your hats are the best & Willi & Jacob love wearing them.

11/17/2007 J.B.

11/13/2007 B.D.
We walk Belle in our neighborhood all the time and with her hat on, people keep stopping us and saying "she looks so cute in her hat!!!". We've passed your website onto other people with animals that I know will also enjoy your products!

11/10/2007 M.G.
I would like the order a Snugglie for my crested. I met your cresteds at the Thurmont Colorfest and loved the outfits. I also want to thank you for recommending the natural soap for my Eddie. His skin has really improved since I started using the soap.

11/6/2007 S.B.
I met you at Colorfest last month in Thurmont, MD. I have a 6 month old Cockapoo named Napoleon and the traditional hardness wasn't working for him. He continually choked and gagged on his daily walks. I bought a UDogU medium pirate harness and he just loves it! It works so well! What an awesome product! I will be ordering an additional one as he grows. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your product. Keep it up!!

11/5/2007 P.K.
I was in Key West several years ago and bought my Molly an outfit. I have ordered 2 more. Love them !!

11/1/2007 B.W.
I got everything yesterday and I love it all.

11/1/2007 B.R.
My very happy Shih Tzu has 5 or 6 of your wonderful Harnesses. She and her sister are big fans!!!

10/30/2007 M.D.
I purchased a harness at the Ocean City, MD sunfest last May. I need another. Also need the matching leash. 2 visors would be nice, too. Need an ensemble :) Girls have to look good! Best harness ever and I have 4 dogs. Thanks.

10/29/2007 D.H.
We received Scooter's Snugglie and it's absolutely adorable.

10/26/2007 J.B.
I'm looking to get Boo another harness. He's 3 now and the harness we got almost 2 years ago still fits but I'd love to add to his collection.

10/21/2007 D.K.
The hat and collars are so cute.

10/14/2007 J.E.
We bought one of your Easy On Harnesses at the Colorfest in Thurmont. I am ordering 2 more. They are awesome, and my dogs like them. That says a lot -- they hate collars and harnesses of any kind. But we got home, put this on my Jack Russell, and he likes it! You guys have a good thing here, thank you. I will pass the word to all my dog friends.

10/13/2007 M.
What a wonderful product. She just loves it.

10/6/2007 B.H.
Love the harness.

10/5/2007 C.B.
Just received the two collars, leashes and harnesses for our yorkies. I am so very pleased. Can't believe the quality of your product. Prissy and Maxwell never looked so cute as they do with everything matching. Thanks again. It was money well spent.

10/5/2007 G.C.
I want to thank you so much for Roxy's harness. She is truly the best harnessed dog in Salem NH. I have gone to many craft shows and see your harnesses and hats on different dogs. Last weekend I went to the Deerfield Fair and saw one of your visors on a goat!! He was adorable.

10/4/2007 R.R.
I have 5 of your outfits which Shana wears everyday. Especially the hats.

10/1/2007 T.C.
My yorkie needs a new harness. I also need soap -- yours is the best I have ever used on him.

9/30/2007 L.B.
I just want to thank you for the pirate hat, collar, leash and shirt. My white shih tzu luvs it. The hat stays on her great so she can not get it off.

9/29/2007 S.T.
I have bought several of your items. I love your stuff ... it lasts and my little Emily, a papillon, loves it too! Your leash and harness are her favorite! Thank you for making stuff for small dogs. I can't tell you how many leashes people have given us that have these HUGE clips and Emily's head practically drops to the ground! Thank you!

9/22/2007 K.M.
I love all of your products! I buy every year at Harborfest!

9/16/2007 S.J.
Love your products and have purchased several harnesses for Ernie! Loves the hats ... So when we adopted Lucy our maltese yorkie we purchased a pink polka dot harness.

9/16/2007 H.S.
A friend from Atlanta Ga was visiting and had your harness and lead on and I LOVED it. She said she bought it a a craft show and gave me your name.

9/15/2007 C.L.
I have one of your visors. People stop all time to ask where did you get it. They are sooo cute!

9/12/2007 A.S.
The website looks great!!

9/11/2007 L.M.
I recently ordered an awesome harness for my dog, Zeke.The bandana red is so cute on him!

9/10/2007 B.F.G.
I bought a little tie-die T-shirt for my little Brussels Griffon. It fits perfectly. She is 7 pounds and the T-shirt fit her perfectly.

8/26/2007 J.B.
I bought a harness from you a year or so ago ... love it! I am looking for a new one ... maybe in checks or dots.

8/20/2007 K.W.
I just bought my second harness in a new fun pattern. I appreciate the excellent customer service I received when I accidentally ordered the wrong size. This is a terrific company!!

8/15/2007 C.L.
We love the harness and leash. It fits perfectly and is so easy to place on our Havanese puppy Emma!!! We will certainly purchase more as she grows!!! Thanks soo much!!!

8/15/2007 S.H.
I would like to order a harness for my dog. We just love the visor hat for her.

8/13/2007 K.D.
Do you have a harness in Flamingo for a dog with a 22 inch chest? My other dog is jealous.

8/12/2007 R.W.
Just wanted to let you know, your harness is the best thing I have seen for a small dog. I have never owned a dog before and got a Yorkie this past year. I heard about the danger of damaging their delicate throats so I tried many different harnesses. When I finally hit upon yours it was amazing. It is the easiest to put on, seems to be the most comfortable to leave on, and it is virtually indestructable. It is simply a great product that exceeds expectations. Thanks!

8/10/2007 C.M.
They look adorable! Thanks so much. We love your harnesses and leashes.

8/9/2007 M.Z.
My husband & I wanted to thank you for sending him the 2 hats (people hats). He & his friend LOVE the hats and wear them all the time. Will you be bring them to Sunfest in September (OC)? I would like to purchase another one.

8/7/2007 E.O'B.
I just wanted to thank you for your help ordering the harness. It arrived yesterday and it's perfect. I have a rat terrier and I've tried like 4 other harnesses, but they don't fit right because ratties have thin necks compared to their chest. Your harness fit just right. Thanks so much again. I will definitely recommend your site to others. : )

8/5/2007 K.L.
I want to thank you. I purchased your harness earlier this year for my Chihuahua. I had previously written you because all the harness's I previously purchased rubbed her chest raw. Yours has been wonderful. No sore or raw spots. It is low enough on her front chest not to cause choking. When I am out with my girls I've had positive comments on your harness, I tell them ... go online to It is so easy to remember.

7/30/2007 P.M.
Bought the red bandana harness. Love it. Am ordering the matching collar and leash.

7/25/2007 K.G.
Hi - I just received my order. I love the harness! It fits my dog great. Easy to get on & off. I like the wide design. All of the small harnesses I have see are so thin. Your harness does not slide from side to side as much as other types I have tried - especially when my dog is running full speed. Thanks, great product!

7/13/2007 S.G.
The Halloween harness you made is just darling ... I love it ... Thanks.

7/12/2007 V.M.
I love your stuff and I am already waiting for more fabrics to come out! I found you guys at a craft show about maybe 4 yaers ago and have every fabric choice you have as long as its not too girlish. :)

7/10/2007 T.K.
We just received Madison's 4th UDogU visor ... Yes, he's a very well-dressed guy. We love how he looks in the pirate pattern and would like to order the matching harness.

7/4/2007 P.P.
We picked up a fish harness at Occoquan and our boy gets compliments on it everywhere we go. Ao cute.

7/3/2007 G.C.
Last year I bought a very cute harness and visor for my little dog. I absolutely love it and have gotten many compliments on it.

7/2/2007 M.D.
Just received the "bright dog" collection for my "baby". I got the harness, collar, leash, and hat. He looks so cute in them. I really love the collar ... it's not the real skinny kind that you ususally have to get for tiny dogs. Thank you soooooo much for your great products!! I will of course be telling all my friends and be ordering again myself. P.S. Thanks for such fast delivery!

6/26/2007 A.C.
I have ordered from you before and love your stuff. You have so many different patterns and I love that. Thank-you...

6/26/2007 B.B.
We just love the hat we got for Peanut while we were in Key West in January.

6/25/2007 S.H.
Thank you so much for sending the replacement harness. We really love your product, and really appreciate your excellent level of customer satisfaction. I see you've added some new fabric choices, so I am sure I will be ordering again in the future. Thanks Again!

6/21/2007 D.T.
You were a vendor at a crafts fair in Milford, Connecticut, and I loved your products. I finally found you on the internet.

6/18/2007 H.S.
When do you expect to have the new fabric choices available. My baby is in need of a new harness but I'm waiting for the new colors!

6/16/2007 G.J.
I buy all my puppies harnesses from you.

6/15/2007 D.K.
I am anxiously awaiting your new fabrics. I am holding off on placing an order until the new ones come in so I don't have to do multiple orders.

6/13/2007 S.G.
I have 4 of your harnesses for my dachshund... They are wonderful!

6/11/2007 C.B.
Madison has the Visor, Harness and adjustable leash and the dooty duffel. The harnesss is so easy to put on (she is a wiggle worm) and we luv the easy access to the dooty duffel. We will definitely be doing more business with you in the future. Another Happy Pet ... and very well dressed as well.

6/10/2007 C.C.
Great Web Site!!!

6/6/2007 C.B.
I just received my Brussels Griffon walking outfit in leopard and it is so nice.

6/5/2007 P.W.
The UDogU visors are the best. Elvis and Scruffy love them and they fit perfectly.

6/5/2007 J.W.
I purchased the Easy-On Harness and Adjustable Leash this past weekend for my Miniature Schnauzer (Binky). He will be 17 years old in June and has adjusted nicely to the new gear. I wish I had found you years ago. Thanks.

6/3/2007 B.B.
We just got a new Yorkie puppy. He is 7 months old and we would like to get the same outfit we got for our other two Yorkies.

5/31/2007 S.H.
I recently purchased a harness and leash from your company. I was very happy upon receiving it about a month ago. I have already spoken highly of your products to many of my friends and family.

5/25/2007 A.P.
We just received the harness from you all that we ordered a week ago. This is the 3rd harness we have had for her.

5/22/2007 T.M.
Winston looks precious in his little visor, harness and leash. I purchased products from you at Tybee Island.

5/22/2007 D.S.
That yorkie in the shirts is ADORABLE with a capital A!!!!!

5/21/2007 L.M.
Again, I'm so pleased with my recent order. Your harnesses are the best quality and fit available anywhere! My companion (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and I just love the haress outfits.

5/21/2007 J.O.
I keep coming back to your website because you have the most adorable products. Keep up the good work - I love the pics on your site.

5/21/2007 B.S.
All of us at A Grande Mulher in Key West have our dogs in your harnesses.

5/21/2007 R.B.
I was referred from a neighbor.

5/21/2007 D.C.
Hi. I have several of your visors for my girls in a variety of prints. They want to maintain their fashionable look while protecting their eyes!!! Thanks for a great product. I have multiple rescues and have yet to have one old or young that refuses to wear a visors or Santa hat!

5/21/2007 P.W.
Hello! My friend just paid me a visit and showed me a cute little visor hat that she bought for her dog on vacation. I think I would like to get one for my dogs.

5/21/2007 A.S.
I've gotten a lot of compliments on Mellie's harness and hat! You're doing a great job!

5/21/2007 P.F.
Athena already has the pink T-Shirt ... looks marvelous on her black poodle body!

5/21/2007 J.B.
I will be ordering a harness for Chiquita soon. I got the cloth one from you to match the hat. I got it in Fairhope a few years ago. She has worn it out. I think it's 4 years old. She will be 5 in February.

5/20/2007 A.L.
We saw a lady on the beach at Isle of Palms and she showed me the label on the cutest hat ...

5/6/2007 C.E.
I got their T-shirts in Ocean City, Maryland. They fit great. I just love them. Thanks!

4/11/2007 L.
The Visor and Dooty Duffel were a gift from our friends, Mark and Terresa. Our mini-schnauzer Jimmy just LOVES it! O.K. fine - I made him carry his own potty bags. Mean Mommy!

5/8/2007 K.C.
I've purchased 2 harnesses and leashes and will need another for the newest member. Love 'em!

5/8/2007 A.S.
I got the visor and harness at the OC Springfest this past weekend. The neighbors are going nuts - I told them your website. You were right, the sizes you picked out fit perfect! Thanks so much, we love your products! Keep up the hard work!

5/8/2007 P.F.
We have been buying from you for years!

5/7/2007 A.M.
I just received my order of 2 visors and they are adorable.

5/6/2007 C.E.
I got T-shirts for Piccolo and Ali in Ocean City, Maryland in size toy. They fit great. I just love them. Thanks!

5/3/2007 C.A.
I bought items from you at the Concord/Cabarras Dog Show. Also, I was at Sunset Beach this past week and gave your web site to several people on the beach. I had my Yorkie with his sun visor on!

4/28/2007 T.P.
At Azalea Fest we purchased several visors, a leash and a collar! We love them!!!

4/26/2007 K.C.
I first learned about your great products at the Tallahassee Market Days and bought a harness and leash for my Yorkie "Reese", then came back the next year to get a set for my Maltese "Parker". Now I need to get one for my new Mini Schnauzer "Nikki". These are the best and I recommend them highly!!

4/18/2007 Y.C.
I received the package today. The harnesses and leads are very nice. I will send you a picture when it is taken later.

4/16/2007 D.S.
Hi, I met you this Sunday at the Delray Affair. I bought a harness for my Morkie who I had with me. He loves it and looks so snazzy.

4/15/2007 S.J.
I love the herbal pet shampoo bar. Works great!.

4/14/2007 S.&A.

4/11/2007 L.
The Visor and Dooty Duffel were a gift from our friends. Jimmy just LOVES it!

4/5/2007 D.F.
Love your harnesses -- can't find your style anywhere else -- they are a great fit for my yorkies.

4/3/2007 B.B.
I have some of your items and my dogs love them.

3/27/2007 M.P.
I have a couple of questions for you about possibly bringing in your harnesses to sell in our store. One of our customers has been telling us how much he loves the harness he ordered from you.

3/20/2007 S.P.
Everyone who sees Rocky, our oldest wearing his Army cammy visor, collar, bandana and leash ask where we got them. They think he looks so handsome.

3/13/2007 D.C.
Met you at the Rockville Indiana Covered Bridge Festival several years ago -- love the visors!

3/12/2007 B.B.
I bought several items and they are wonderful. I couldn't believe it, but my yorkies both kept their hats on while walking and they looked so cute! Thanks so much! I will be placing an order very soon!!

3/10/2007 S.
What a great product! Ernie has been wearing his since we first met at the Delray Affair and now we have adopted another dog Lucy who is smaller and I was anxious to get the harness for her. It is a pleasure to walk the dogs knowing they are safe and their necks are not being pulled. Thank you for a great and safe product. We have tried other brands but on the dogs' sensitive skin these just do not rub the dog or the human! No other harness can make that claim! And yes, we have a couple visors, and yes, they are cute, but safe and comfort are the biggest concern!

3/8/2007 T.B.
I met you guys at Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida and bought from you there and online!!! Roxie and I just love your products!!!

3/2/2007 C.K.
I love your harnesses for my cockapoo -- the pink polka dot is adorable. Will be re-ordering soon.

2/23/2007 F.R.
Saw a doggie wearing a visor on the beach and then visited your booth at the Christmas show in Savannah in November and purchased a small visor for my "Doxie" whose name is Bonnie. Now I need one for my Great Dane granddog. Thanks for your cute products that are also so helpful for our dogs.

2/23/2007 P.L.
Just a note to say these are the most perfect fitting harnesses I've ever found for my Maltese. And so easy to get her into them. Thanks so much for such a well-designed and quality-made product. I'll be back to your store!

2/22/2007 N.H.
Someone I know showed me your product and I loved it -- she did also.

2/19/2007 T.V.
I met Bill at Everglades City -- I bought a lime bone adjustable lead for one of my pet therapy dogs. Everyone loves my lead and I have given out your web address several times!!

2/18/2007 L.C.
My husband and I have meet you both at several different shows and bought several different things for our Yorkies.

2/4/2007 T.K.
Wherever Madison, our 5 year old dachshund goes, he gets tons of compliments on his visor. As soon as he sees me take out the visor, he knows that he's going someplace fun. Aside from making him look even cuter than he is, if possible, the visor protects his eyes from the harsh Florida sun. If you would send me some of your business cards, I could sell 100's of visors for you ... people always ask where I bought it!

1/31/2007 M.M.
I love your harnesses so much that I decided to order two for my year and a half old cats, Zorro and Miguel. I also thought you would like to know that I purchased car safety harnesses for my dogs. The actual harnesses, while they have more padding, do not fit the animals as well as yours do. I now use my UDogU harnesses and hook the seatbelt portion of the safety set to them. My dogs are happy and safe (and even more calm - they're dachshunds!) while riding in the car.

1/30/2007 K.
Saw you in St Augustine years ago. Bought online since then as well. Bridgette has been wearing these for years all over Florida and creating quite a buzz. I refer many people to your website.

1/27/2007 V.N.
Hello! I bought a lead, collar, and harness from you at the Augusta, GA craft show in November. I loved the items so much that I ordered another design for my dog's travel bag.

1/26/2007 J.M.J.
My Japanese Chin (1 year old) loved her Red Bandanna harness so much she ate it!! Don't worry, she is OK :). I will be ordering another one.

1/13/2007 L.W.
I bought the Herbal Pet Soap as well as a camo collar and leash at your booth at Christmas in the South. The collar is great and looks so cute but the Herbal soap is out of this world. My German Shepherd loves his bath. It seems to really get him clean and feeling good. I have not seen him itch one bit between washings. What a terrific product! I would like to buy more of the soap for my dog as well as a few friends that I have told about it.

1/11/2007 M.W.
I just wanted to thank you for the new harness that you sent me for my dog. He now has three of your harnesses ... I love them! Hopefully, I will see you again next year somewhere in Charlotte to buy another fabric for him for Christmas. It has become a tradition to buy him one each year. If not, I'll order one from your website. Thanks, again!

1/6/2007 D.B.
I just want to thank you for the lime bones harness I purchased for Mitzi, my 6 lb. chihuahua. It fits perfectly and is so easy to put on her. She loves it! Thank you so much!

1/4/2007 T.
Truffles is the proud owner of three caps, collars and leashes ... the nautical, patriotic, bandana plus of course Santa's hat. There is hardly a day he isn't "styling" and just lovin' it.

1/3/2007 M.S.
One of my clients gave me your address. The harnesses she has for her chihuahuas are adorable.

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