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Ever since we went online in 2003, udogu customers and their owners have gone out of their way to let us know how much they love our products. If you would like to join them, please use our Contact Us form or include your remarks on your order.


12/30/2006 C.
I visited Christmas in the South. And as I passed by, I saw your cute dogs, harnesses and leashes. And I knew that my Jack Russell needed one. I got him the harness, leash, bandana, collar, santa hat, and visor cap.

12/26/2006 S.H.
We have been using your soap on our Brittany Spaniel, Penny since I purchased the first bar from you at a show in Savannah, GA. Nothing works better for controlling her dry skin and itching. We love it.

12/18/2006 K.J.
Just got the elf hats, and they're wonderful!! Our greyhounds look too cute, and they love it. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

12/17/2006 D.J.
I attended the Yellow Daisy Festival this year as every year, as I live near Stone Mountain and I purchased 2 UDogU Tshirts. The Small fit perfectly on my female Min Pin CoCo and she absolutely adored it!!! But somehow it has been misplaced. The Medium does not fit her and she knows that one is not hers! We love these and I could hardly get it off her most days!
We also have 2 leash harness sets for the 2 Pins and I have 1 pink polka dot leash for my Lab!
We love ya'lls products!!!

12/14/2006 V.H.
Our 6 pound, almost 20 year old Himalayan kitty, has I think 3 of your little hats. Of course, she looks adorable wearing them.

12/14/2006 E.B.
Happy Holidays ... Your items are Awesome ...

12/13/2006 M.V.
I bought and love your herbal pet shampoo bar this past summer at Harborfest in Oswego NY. I'm interested in purchasing more.

12/13/2006 W.P.
In the picture gallery I saw a picture of two poodles in t-shirts that were bought from you. Do you sell t-shirts and if you do can I get some details. My two yorkies love to wear t-shirts and I have trouble finding them. We have many of your other items and always enjoy seeing new stuff.

12/13/2006 R.
Your new website looks great. You guys still have the best dog visors. Rufus, our soft-coated wheaten terrier, has several of your hats including the red white and blue hat worn by another wheatie in your photo gallery! Ru's favorite is the fatigue hat. Happy Holidays!

12/12/2006 T.P.
I just received the lovely holly harnesses for my two dogs. The ToyPlus fits wonderfully!!!

12/11/2006 L.G.
I bought the Santa Hat at Market Days in Tallahassee. It's so adorable and she'll actually wear it around! Thanks so much!

12/5/2006 E.K.
We met at a show in Virginia Beach. I purchased a harness and my black poodle loves it and I do too.

12/4/2006 V.M.
I bought several sun visors from you in Ocean City for my Yorkie and Miniature Schnauzer (who past away last February). I get so many compliments when Heidi, my Yorkie, wears her visor. I want to keep your address because I will be ordering more visors from you.

12/3/2006 S.
I saw a man with this three poodles and their Santa hats. They were so cute and he told me he got them from you. I just had to order.

12/2/2006 L.M.
Saw your merchandise at a craft show in Macon, Georgia and have been a fan since. Our dogs love your soft collars!!

12/2/2006 J.W.
We have several of your harnesses for our 16 lb. shih-tzu and love them.

11/29/2006 P.F.
A long time ago we met you and the poodles at an art show in KW. We have been buying your "stuff" long before you had a website!

11/25/2006 S.B.
We bought our first hat from you in Gilford NH this past summer. Then we bought another one from you in Wolfeboro, and ordered a harness and his Christmas hat through mail order.

11/25/2006 S.B.
Bailey loves his new Christmas hat. He loves to wear it in the convertible here in Florida. Everyone stops to say hello to him and tells him how handsome he is. He gets lots of attention with it on and he loves the atttention.

11/19/2006 H.F.
I purchased a toy tie-dye shirt for my poodle and he loves it. He doesn't want to take it off. I would like to purchase the camo shirt and another tie-dye shirt.

11/16/2006 J.F.
My mom and I saw you at a craft fair in Occoquan VA. I love your products!!

11/13/2006 N.K.
Laurel and Hardy love to go out in the boat and show their patriotism with their new hats, harness and leash. We were surpised how quickly they adapted to the hats.

11/6/2006 L.O.
I saw the cutest display of yours at Christmas Made in the South, and had to get the camo harness and leash for my Boston. Needless to say, he struts around and thinks he's the boss.

11/5/2006 J.&P.H.
Libby climbed into this popcorn bucket her very first Christmas with us when she weighed only 1.5 lbs. It has now become her annual Christmas pose with the addition of her favorite accessory. She is our special little elf!

11/4/2006 D.H.
Hi, I bought these shirts from you at Christmas Made in the South. Penny and Amber really like wearing shirts and these really show their personality. I always enjoy talking to you and seeing your babies.

10/30/2006 M.M.
See you every year at the Columbus Georgia show. My baby loves your collars.

10/29/2006 P.T.
Haven't been on the site for while, have been telling lots of friends and new aquaintences about it.

10/27/2006 R.B.
We love the visor we got and get so many compliments on it and the dog!

10/27/2006 R.B.
We love the visor we got and get so many compliments on it and the dog!

10/25/2006 S.H.
Met you at Colorfest in Thurmont, MD. Purchased a visor, harness and lease in Pink Pok-a-Dot. Just love them on my black Cockapoo Maddie. She looks adorable!!!

10/25/2006 J.A.D.
Saw your hats at a vendor at a street festival. My puppy loves hers!!

10/24/2006 E.K.
Love my (Olive's) harness, leash & dooty-duffel.

10/23/2006 S.
You got it all! Love it!

10/21/2006 C.A.
Love your items!

10/21/2006 C.A.
Hi, I met you at the Cabaras Arena Show on Oct. 21st. Here is my Harley with items on.

10/20/2006 K.H.
I've bought many things from you at craft shows. You have the only hats that fit my dogs right.

10/19/2006 A.M.R.
We saw you at the Fairhope AL. Art Fair a couple years ago and have ordered several hats. We have a five pound apricot toy poodle and she loves the hats!!!!!

10/18/2006 M.
I met you at a Christmas show in Charlotte, NC. Your harnesses are great!

10/15/2006 M.B.M.
I attended Beach Bound Hounds in Myrtle Beach in September, and purchased a visor there for my toy poodle. I am interested in new fabrics, so I can get some more visors for him.

10/14/2006 P.T.
We saw your cap on a dog and ask about it. We ordered one for our mini dachshund and just love it. We now have a new addition to our house and want her to have one also.

10/13/2006 K.
I love your stuff--keep up the the different styles.

10/13/2006 S.
Love the product.

10/10/2006 J.L.
I love your products!!

10/10/2006 V.M.
Would LOVE different fabrics for different holidays... Example for halloween maybe a pumpkin print and Easter a rabbit print. P.S. Love your stuff... I don't even look at anyone else and I tell everyone about you.

10/9/2006 J.
My Shih Tzu loves his visor.

10/6/2006 B.
We've been buying your harnesses for our Shih Tzus for years, love 'em!

10/5/2006 I.A.
I bought a harness for my pooch several years ago in Mobile,AL at a festival, and she loved it! I love your designs!

10/2/2006 J.S.
Great product. Can we have some solid colors?

9/30/2006 J.M.
Bought a harness from you and really love it.

9/30/2006 N.

9/29/2006 S.A.
I purchased several of your products at the Harbor Fest in NY in 2005. I love everything I purchased from you and the durability has been wonderful. I love the ease in which the harness goes on and off. Thanks for a great product line!

9/28/2006 T.B.
Love the new web site.

9/28/2006 G.S.
You definitely have a wonderful site.

9/12/2006 L.
I met you at the Power's Crossroad Festival last weekend and purchased a bar of your soap for my old dog "Trooper". I'm sure you speak to so many, you probably don't remember but Trooper was an old Black Lab I found last year. He was all wormy, skinny, full of fleas and ticks. I have been battling his skin problems for a long time trying one thing after another. I used your soap the day after I bought it and loved it. It lathered so well and smelled great. The best part is that it really seemed to help Trooper's skin more than anything so far. I just ordered 4 bars! Just wanted to say thanks and I'm glad I ran into you at the festival.

9/7/2006 N.W.
My husband is in the Air Force, so my parents picked this outfit up for Captain at the Strawberry Festival in South Berwick, ME. They brought it out here to us in Utah when they came to visit. Captain loves his outfit!!

8/4/2006 D.
Elle just loves wearing her hats. I keep her hats in her pet carrying bag. When she wants to go for a walk or knows we are going for a ride, she will go and dig in her bag until I pick up her hat, then she jumps on the couch instinctfully, for me to put her hat on.

7/31/2006 B.H.
Reggie just loves all the attention he gets when he is wearing his hat, and it helps to keep the sun out of his eyes. I'm so thankful that I found you. Your harness is just the best thing that has happen for my Reggie.

7/18/2006 S.B.
Bailey always gets lots of attention when he wears his hat no matter where we go. People ask where we got it and we always tell them about your web site.

7/18/2006 J.F.
Zoe and Lola spent a week of vacation in Destin, FL. Their new UDogU visors were show-stoppers everywhere they went!

6/23/2006 M.B.
Cosmo loves his visors! He has the flamingo and the red bandana! Your products are great quality!!!

5/14/2006 K.S.
The harness and leash that we ordered for our Shih Tzu, Seamus arrived today. We just love it. We have been trying to find a harness that was small enough for him. The only harness the pet stores carry that is small enough is made for cats and is much too thin for his coat. Your harness fits perfectly and does not tangle is hair. Thank you again for such a wonderful product. We will be ordering from you again.

5/10/2006 M.L.
It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday at the Ocean City exhibit. The four new visors will be worn by our 4 new puppies. As per our conversation, I have attached pics of my adult yorkies wearing the visors. They are so cute and I think actually love getting dressed up ... at least I do and they probably do it for me (smile).

4/19/2006 L.M.
Thank you for the quick and proficient service received in acquiring the products requested. My compliments to the quality of the products -- both the harness and visor are well constructed. I look forward to making more purchases from you as needed in the future.

4/2/2006 J.B.
I've spent more than 6 months trying to find a harness that works for my little guy ... all great products but nothing fit him correctly. Everything from usual nylon gear at the local pet supply stores to the special training harnesses ... just didn't quite fit.
That is ... until I tried your harness. I'm happy to report the harness is a perfect fit, easy to put on him (even when he's dancing with joy at the idea of a walk) and looks great on him!
I've been telling my friends with little dogs about your website and hope they'll discover what a great product you have.
Thanks again!
J. and Boo (1 1/2 yr old Maltese boy)


9/22/2005 N.H.
Size fit perfect. Quality construction. Love it.

9/7/2005 C.R.
I am so enjoying the Harness / Leash / Hat / Bandana ensemble that I purchased for Emma Rose at Harborfest in Oswego. We are going back to Lancaster in a few weeks for the annual Puppymill Awareness Day and I can't wait to show off Emma's new ensemble! I'm sure many will want to know about your site when they see her there.

8/31/2005 L.A.
Taco and Star love their visors. Thanks ... they look so adorable.

7/25/2005 M.M.
Our gang is some of your best customers. Lydia is 9 months, MacKenzie is 15 years and Gretchen is 2 years. We love your products! Thanks again for such great stuff!

7/7/2005 F.H.
Cricket is 7 months old, and was born here in Kotzebue, Alaska, 15 miles above the Arctic Circle. He enjoys taking long walks (as long as it's not colder than 10 below!) wearing his harness. I like it because it's sturdy, but at the same time pliable, with no sharp edges that could chafe his skin. Thanks for making this product!

5/18/2005 J.&K.S.
Our Kona is loving your products. Thanks.

5/8/2005 A.C.
Silky loves your product and, unlike most other hats and traps, keeps it on all day. Thanks for the great design and styles.

5/3/2005 R.B.
I just ordered the camo harness and leash for my teacup chihuahua, Bantam, and I had to email you and tell you how pleased I was. They are wonderful. He will be 9 weeks old tomorrow, so its still a little big, but I know that when he is able to wear them, he will be the most styling canine on the block! I am sure we will be ordering more products from you down the road. Thanx again.

3/29/2005 L.A.C.
Espn loves his new visor and harness. It was his Easter present from the Cherry Blossom Festivel in Macon, Georgia. He also loved all the attention he got from you guys while we were trying on everything!

3/22/2005 J.S.
I just wanted to tell you how happy my dog and I are with your products! My pug's new harness, collar and leash came over the weekend while we were out of town so I took her for a quick spin at lunch today to try out the new harness. It is fabulous! A dream to get on and off my dog who generally acts as if it's a matter of life and death to resist having a collar/harness put on. And NO choking/gagging fit from my 6-mo-old dog who has been pulling so hard on her other collars and harness lately, I hated to walk her with them because I felt she was doing physical damage to her larynx every time we went for a walk.

Her human likes the way the fabric feels in her hand. The nylon and leather options are not nearly as easy to grip. And it's great all the pieces are adjustable. And, I wanted to compliment you on your FAST shipping. I shop a lot online for the dog and many sites are VERY slow with shipping the items out. I am so glad I found your site. I couldn't find the design you use at any of the local pet stores.

3/22/2005 J.H.
I attended the Spring Arts and Crafts show in Savannah, GA and purchased a harness, hat and leash from you. Our dog Kolbe, who is a smooth coat Sheltie, loves her new accessories!!!! Thank you for your products!!!! I hope to order more in the future!! My daughter and her husband have just gotten a new little Pomeranian puppy - so we'll have to outfit him as well!!!

9/14/2003 R.U.
You will never know the number of compliments that McKinney and Molly have received on their new sun visors! And they KNOW they're SO cute when they wear them.

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